our Mission


Outdoor Family Project strives to inspire and encourage families of all stripes and experience level to get outdoors. In a tech-heavy world of over-filled schedules, our family aims to gently push families to slow down, to step out of the stream of constant entertainment and one after another enrichment classes or endless sports practices...and into, well, a real stream. One with muddy banks, sticks to throw, and bugs to catch. Where whole hours can disappear in perfecting the skipping rock throw and fairy houses can be built. Or, god forbid, where nothing much of anything happens at all. When we take the time to slow down, to turn off the constant digital connection, and reconnect with sights, smells, and sounds of the wild, we reconnect with ourselves and our kids. You don’t have to embark on a cross-country expedition to find adventure (though that would be cool!), sometimes the biggest adventures and the strongest memories can be made right outside your front door. Join us in stepping back into nature, getting dirty, and making memories.